June 9th, 2024 - 11am to 2pm to
University of Delaware
North Green
Newark, DE
June 17th, 2023
11am to 2pm
Come join us for an afternoon of fun on two wheels!

Cycling for the Entire Family!

Our mission is to get more families on bikes!
Commute more, Ride more, Play more.
Learn more about our mission.

What to expect.

Last Year's Event Map
Bike Demos
Bike Rodeo
Bike Safety Checks
Bike Themed Craft
Experience the Bike Lane
Free Coffee
Helmet Safety Checks
Information on Bike Education Opportunities
Mountain Biking for the Family
Real Families. Real Bike Routes.
The Latest in Helmet Research
Family Activities
  • Father's Day & Bike Themed Craft
  • Bike Safety Checks
  • Helmet Safety Checks
  • Free Ice Cream!
Exposure Events
  • Bike Rodeo Style Skills Course
  • Demo Bikes - Many Styles & Features
  • Experience the new E. Delaware Bikeway
  • Learn bike safety basics.
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What is Family Bike Fest?

Our goal is to get more families on bikes! To be a bit more specific, this is what we strive to be:


We will have every investment level represented; from $0 to thousands, Family Bike Fest will represent all.


Provide simple and easy to understand guidance to support safety and confidence.


Allow for easy use of the local cycling infrastructure, comfort & experience will encourage use.

Our Sponsors

We couldn't do this without the support of our sponsors:

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